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John and Tina Wilson

Coach Mark Nussbeck is an amazing pitching coach. He is giving our son the opportunity and pushes him to excel at high levels. He has taught him that believing in the process will take him as far as he wants to go. Mark is very Innovative and technologically advanced. He mentally prepares him to not only throw the game, but to pitch the game. His high knowledge of pitching with his value of work ethic is second to none. We couldn’t have picked a better pitching/life coach for our son. Thank you!

October 5, 2018

Renee Lange (Mom to Alex Lange)

We have had the great privilege of receiving instruction from Mark Nussbeck since the time my son Alex was 10 years old and throughout his high school years.  Under Mark’s tutelage, Alex not only improved, but thrived as an elite pitcher.  Mark met Alex where he was as an athlete and helped improve his skills far beyond our wildest dreams. He was always innovative in his approach and was well versed in updated strategies for instruction.  Alex loved going to his lessons with Mark as he knew Mark would push him to be his best while at the same time provide a good amount of genuine praise for both his effort and the results.  We are indebted to Mark for his keen eye, top-notch instruction and continued friendship. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for baseball instruction.


January 19, 2017

Darren Rhoden (Brady Rhoden)

Coach Mark Nussbeck brings a combination of old school work ethic and modern advancement to the pitching mound. For the past four or five years, Coach Nussbeck has been a great teacher to not only my son, but also my wife and I. His ability to integrate new philosophies and practices with his pre-existing knowledge and experience of playing professional baseball has enabled him to become a well-known and respected pitching coach. High school coaches throughout the Kansas City Metro area, as well as college coaches at numerous programs (i.e., Louisiana State, Missouri and Missouri State), know the name Mark Nussbeck. A player under Coach Nussbeck’s instruction has a distinct advantage over other pitchers/competitors in that Coach not only teaches the physical and technical aspects of the game, but also the mental side of becoming a succesful pitcher. Coach Nussbeck is a huge reason why my son started playing 18U baseball, as a 14 year old, and has not missed a step.

February 1, 2018

David Marks

Mark Nussbeck combines experience, energy, positivity, knowledge and genuine care into every interaction with his players. His interactions with young players are productive because they’re based on mutual respect and trust. While his program is designed to maximize their pitching abilities, it embraces the entire strength training-thru-recovery cycle, so they understand everything that goes into their long-term success. It’s the right foundation for constant improvement and long-term success.

January 15, 2017

Matt & Karyn Layton

Mark has been absolutely amazing with our son Aedan. I would say his camps are a must for a young pitcher looking to get better, learn about staying healthy, building self confidence and having fun in a competitive environment. Mark has done a terrific job in blending this all together!

March 25, 2017

Pat Fiene

Mark Nussbeck is hands down the top pitching instructor in the Midwest. I have tried others but Mark is different, he gets results. My son has seen his velocity rise dramatically and has learned both the physical and mental side of pitching from Mark. I owe all my sons success to Mark and would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about baseball.

January 17, 2017

Jim Churchman

Coach Nussbeck began as my son’s pitching coach when my son was ten years old. He is an outstanding and premier pitching coach who excels at instructing pitching fundamentals, building muscle memory, stringent emphasis on arm care, and  competitive readiness for youth through college level.  His knowledge, experience, and dedication to teach highly competitive and sustainable pitching mechanics is unmatched.   His approach and commitment to pitching fundamentals has allowed my son to maintain approach.  I highly recommend Coach Nussbeck.  He is by far the best pitching coach we’ve ever been associated with.

January 17, 2017

Luke Killman (Recent Signee)

Hey Mark, it’s Luke Killman. I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently signed and committed to Oklahoma Wesleyan. I believe that you had a big impact on me making it to the next level and signing with them. I’m thankful for the opportunity that we had to work together. Thank You!

January 17, 2017

Geremy and Adrienne Larson

Mark Nussbeck is an excellent pitching coach. Our son began working with Mark at the age of 6 to ensure he developed proper throwing mechanics. We wanted him to be healthy and efficient as a pitcher/player. Mark has a great ability to create a rapport with his athletes and his connection with Ashton is a true gift. Mark Nussbeck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having been a professional pitcher; but in no way is he content for that to be enough. His approach to continuously be on the forefront of the latest in pitching science coupled with what he brings to instruction in terms of technique, workouts/drills and understanding of the kinetic chain is what sets him apart as Premium Pitching KC. We highly recommend Mark Nussbeck.

January 18, 2017

Gary Gose

I’m a big fan of Mark Nussbeck and Premium Pitching KC.  From knowing that Mark spent years working with Trevor Rosenthal, Alex Lange and Riley Pint and seeing firsthand the results he’s obtained with some 10 year olds, I’m really excited to see how Mark can help my sons.  You look at Mark’s track record of developing pitchers over the last 10+ years and then add in the Driveline platform and you know you are giving your child a huge competitive advantage by having him train with Mark.

January 17, 2017

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